A different kind of Cola like Green requires a unique and original communication. MullenLowe Athens took on the challenge and created an advertising campaign, based on Green Cola’s dual nature: an unbelievably delicious, yet sugar-free Cola…because the new era’s Cola is with stevia.

“But” is the keyword that expresses the creative idea but also the target group. In the generation of millennials, life isn’t glossy, superficial or carefree. It’s an age with strong contrasts. Therefore, you might be young but you might also have to grow up. You might be 18 but you might have to think as if you’re 30. You might be a degree holder but at the same time be unemployed.

However, these are the very contrasts that shape the Green Cola brand. It was born in Greece but it’s international. It’s sweet but sugar-free. It’s Cola but it’s natural. It’s young but it challenges the older ones. For this reason, in the new TV campaign for 2017, Green Cola reveals its personality with on camera personal confessions from characteristic representatives of the Greek millennial generation in the urban landscape of Athens. Every spot concludes with the message “It’s Cola but it’s Green”, which sums up the whole concept. It is directed by a Greek cinematographer who follows a successful Hollywood career as well. Phedon Papamichael was nominated for the Best Cinematography Academy Award for the film “Nebraska” but his work includes also films like “The Monuments Men”, “Walk The Line” etc. It is produced by Top Cut Modiano.