The need for more and more young people to learn how to write in code in order to be able to create their own website, application and game led us to the idea to create the Kode project for our client KOTSOVOLOS. Kode is the first e-learning platform for code learning in Greek, realized in collaboration with BCA college, to which everyone could have access after buying a tech product from KOTSOVOLOS. With “To kode or not to kode?” as central message, we created not only a website, but also a 360° communication that hit the spotlight through KOTSOVOLOS’ official Youtube channel, with three short, pioneering spots in the form of a humoristic monologue, where two young people wishing to learn how to code, express their own modern…tragedy just like Hamlet did. Kode was presented at TEDx Academy, the tech exhibition “Thanks to Tech”, the cinemas, social media but also print ads, posters, window shops, brochures.