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From the field…to Ermis Awards! We’re super excited for our campaign for Freskoulis Salads “From Field to Shelf” which scooped an Ermis Silver in the Ad category as well as Ermis Gold for Production which was handled via FEEL ME PRODUCTIONS.

Hold on, there’s more…Another Ermis Silver came home through our print ad for Young Lions “THE KING IS DEAD, LONG LIVE THE YOUNG KING”.

A big shout out goes out to 3 more of our films which won awards in the category of Ad Spot Production.

Among them our film for Intersport “We Share the Same Passion” which won Ermis Silver, our film for OPTIMA’s Epirus Goat’s Cheese which also scooped Silver and our spot for Kerrygold “Flavor Saver” which picked up an Ermis Bronze.