“My Greece” from My market and MullenLowe Athens Posted on

A year after the announcement of the acquisition of Veropoulos chain and with 221 outlets in every corner of Greece, My market communicates widely to the public the achievement of very important objectives of their strategic plan of development. MullenLowe Athens created the campaign ” My Greece ”, aiming to highlight that a Greek chain manages to succeed, despite the extremely adverse crisis environment which is called to function in. «Our Greece is the one which pulls through”, the campaign argues, documenting with figures and data the chain development and the care for the job preservation and development for its people. The campaign talks about the role of My market stores within society, highlighting the relationship of trust that have achieved towards every direction: with suppliers, the manpower and the consumer. The campaign concludes by thanking everyone for their trust and giving inspiration for the future. The campaign was launched with a TV spot that was curated by Blink Productions and listings and continues with signage in stores as well as a presence on the site and social media of My market.