MullenLowe Athens for Adoro
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An everyday cooking story
OPTIMA and MullenLowe Athens created a new campaign for Adoro dairy products based on the  brand’ main promise of delicious taste. The tv spot presents an everyday cooking story but in a completely fresh way by using the reverse filming technique. It starts at the end of the story when a little boy enjoys a nice piece of quiche and goes backwards by showing the ingredients and  baking process, until it ends at the beginning of the story to reveal what inspired mom to prepare this exquisite plate:  The spot wants to inspire the audience by saying that every occasion is just right for preparing with love something very tasteful and Adoro will put the taste. Because Adoro products are made for all of us who Adore Taste. The classic song That’s Amore became That’s Adoro, by First Option Team / Isaac Coutiel, in order to add the right Italian tarantella flavor to the Adoro brand. The movie’s production was by Stefi & Lynx Productions, under the direction of Nicolas Dimitropoulos.