Silver Award for MLA and its “Work of Art” Posted on

At this year’s Social Media Awards, MullenLowe Athens went home with a Silver Award in the Real-Time Activation category, for no other client than Greece’s No. 1 gaming console, Sony PlayStation. What’s the story behind this award, though?

It all started when comedian David Datuna ate a banana, which was part of an art installation estimated around $120,000. Datuna instantly went viral, and his act prompted us to create a social media post that would later top Greek online metrics, and make waves across the web.

Our concept was simple enough: replace the banana, previously held up by a piece of scotch tape in Maurizio Cattelan’s work, with a DualShock 4 wireless controller of the PS peripherals. The visual’s caption read “Work of Art”, while the post copy called our Greek audience to action, urging them to “Not just look at it, play. #4ThePlayers”

Our CTA certainly caught audiences’ attention, as the post’s engagement topped our online charts, without any media spending backing it. Our organic reach went higher than 63K users, while post engagements were around 7K with a 10.38% total engagement rate. As a result, this post was heavily discussed in social media groups, and even became a case study in digital communications and marketing courses.

With this real-time activation, we played… and we won! You may find the original post here: