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IST College. Brand your future.

MullenLowe Athens has been assigned the full service advertising accounts of both SVIE and IST College. New advertising campaigns have been already on air soon. IST College has enlisted MullenLowe Athens to handle its brand communication. The main creative idea is that everyone has talents and skills which can make him a brand in the job market. Maggy Kontou (Tourismart) and Nikos Damilakis (Taxibeat)  are protagonists of IST College campaign as IST College Allumini. IST College offers the best educational courses to help students launch their brand. The movie’s production was by Norrogroup. ST (Independent Studies of Science and Technology) was founded in 1989 in collaboration with a group of University professors. It is part of the educational institution of Dr. G. Kastrinakis and Dr. Drak. Fountoukakos, which has been, since 1967, active with great success in the field of education through SBIE, the first school for Health Professions.