Ad People for 2021

How would you advertise 2021, if it were a product or a service? MullenLowe Athens signals a call to action to all creators through #adpeoplefor2021 — whether they work at ad agencies, are freelancers, or employed at a relevant firm — to submit their own proposals on how to market the forthcoming year.

After all, 2020 was so bad, it will take a lot of convincing to suggest 2021 will be a good year. Using whatever means and tools we have, whether we prefer corporate or retail promotion, employ a funny or sentimental approach, create print ads or social media posts… we’re in this together.

Through the activation, we aim to bring together all ad people in a celebration dedicated to inspired ideas, and invite 2021 in our lives with a renewed sense of optimism. It is an ode to advertising, and all those who believe creative ideas make our world a better place.

All submissions will be compiled in a video that will signal a positive start for 2021.

Let’s advertise 2021

After an incredibly bad 2020, who’s to believe 2021 will be up to any good? That’s why the next year needs us; all of us, ad people, who believe in the unimaginable, who continue to create when all else has paused, who know that ideas may change the world. It needs us to convince everyone that the next year is gonna be better. It’s a feat only we can achieve. So, join us in advertising 2021, as if it were a product, in a challenge open to all.

Bold Ogilvy, Publicis Groupe, The Newtons Laboratory, McCann Erickson, Spot Thompson, DDB, Isobar, BBDO, Solid Havas, Frank & Fame, Cream, Sohosquare, Orange, Socialab, Spicy Communication, Pollen, Tribe, A.T.T.P., McVictor & Hamilton, JNL+, Grey Athens, Choose, Magnet, FCB GNOMI, Wunderman, 33Communication, 4 Wise Monkeys, Addictad, Metagenesis, Mark Creative, Red Cell, Pylarinos, Cicero, Sprint, Master, Fuse BBDO, Butterfly Communication, Fifty Four, Everything Grows In The Jungle* and any other agency, creator or partner within the advertising world. This is a call for all ad people to create for 2021. Submit your idea by January 11, 2021, at


An original idea by MullenLowe Athens

*The agencies are listed based on the rank order found here: Director Business Reports – Agency rank order according to gross income in 2019 – agency results – balance sheets published until 05/10/2020.