Keeps us fresh daily!

What makes Freskoulis a household staple is its continued success at filling us with freshness, and providing us daily with high-quality, delicious products.

Now, MullenLowe Athens’ latest campaign aims at communicating just that, hinting at how the brand reaches all of us, every day, before we even wake up.

The TV ad, that’s already on air, opens with night shots of a city that’s still asleep. Its roads are free of traffic, its residents at home, and the only lights that fill the frame are exuded from empty fridges: empty fridges in grocery stores, in local markets and larger chains, that await for the first light of dawn to strike, so they may be filled again with pure freshness.

But before that even happens, we see truck lights ahead, and a driver going about his daily itinerary. He’s in one of the numerous Freskoulis trucks that drive cross-country every day, in order to fill empty fridges with fresh and delicious salads, tasty meals and healthy snacks.

Freskoulis. It keeps us fresh daily.

The ad was produced by Boo Productions and directed by Yorgos Zafiris.