Powered by Tradition

MullenLowe Athens’ brand-new campaign for Optima S.A., proves, once and for all, how you may carry on in life, as long as you keep being powered by tradition.

The TV advertisement, that’s already on air, portrays a couple embarking on a hike uphill. In the very beginning, they greet a shepherd catering to his herd. As the ad progresses, and the two hikers find the climb to get steeper, they encounter the same shepherd again and again, without knowing how he could’ve possibly out-hiked them.

The mystery is resolved once the shepherd takes an Epiros Zemytha Protein Bar out of his pocket, offering them a taste. Thanks to the whey protein concentrates, found in plenty in Epiros Zemytha bars, consumers across Greece can gain tons of energy, without ever compromising their craving for a good bite.

The ad was produced by Boo Productions, and directed by Mike Bekos.